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Track Resources has been a speaker on various topics related to environment, business, tourism and cultural integration. We are always happy to provide custom workshops for pre-entry to Canada and for refugees or immigrants struggling to integrate. 

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Public Speaking / Workshop Presentation:

Track Resource

Latin American Youth Workshop – Boot Camp -"Targeting the Work Place that Best Supports your Dream Profession" - prior to Secondary Education! 


Immigration Society – “Accelerated Entry into Canadian Markets”

Alberta Landscape Association

Alberta Landscape Association – “Business Pod Creation in Corridor Development”


ASLA Conference Speaker - “Design Options and Challenges of Rain Water Harvest Systems"

Available Workshops

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Youth Spring Work Camp – 2017

Pre-Entry Adaptation

Track Resources Inc. facilitates the adaptation of foreigners into the Canadian market. We offer workshops and coaching programs that are suited to immigrant businesses and work related objectives, including:

Referral to Quality Immigration Counsel Coaching Workshops Pre-Entry Business/Professional Ground Preparation Tailoring Your Business to the Canadian Market Business Mentorship in Canada  Settlement Facilitation ("Accelerated Integration") Immigrant Youth Integration/Employment Program   Nonprofit Organization Referral

Accelerate Business Services - Division of Track Resources Inc.

Accelerate Business Services provides a valuable business service to overseas companies, investors, immigrants, and entrepreneurs looking for an informed, integrated business in Canada. Integration into a foreign market is one of the greatest challenges any business will face. Accelerate Business Services helps you to strategically adapt to the resident business culture, recognizing the multidimensional and multinational factors that can impact the success of your working platform, partnerships, and growth.

Accelerate Business Services offers a facilitative service that provides the initial research, analysis, front-end communication, and strategic approach best suited to your market. It's all about where your products, services, and settlements are best placed.

If you are a professional or skilled worker unable to find work, we help you consider entrepreneurial options. We understand there are specific steps that need to be taken in order for you to achieve a successful settlement in Canada, and we keep you updated through every step.

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Youth Spring Work Camp – 2017


Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Location: Big Brothers & Sisters – 2445 W Railway Street, Abbotsford, BC

Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Application Closing Date: Monday, May 3rd, 2017.

“School’s Out – Accelerated Entry into the Work You Really Want”

Topics Covered on the Introduction Session:

- The Underground World of Work
– Know the Hidden Cultures Within
- What is the Right Impression
– Strong Insights to Your Approach
- Prepare to Engage with What You Have Now
- Making Money vs Going Straight into your Career Game Plan
- How to Build Goal Posts
– Think You Need University to Get Started? Find Out the Other Options.

Qualification required to register:

- Desperate for work
- Current resume with a letter explaining your frustration, the job you really want and what you think are the hurdles you face to get there.
- Email
- Session # 1 Attendance Fee
- $20 plus GST = $21.00
- Space is limited.

Youth Work Camp Session #2 – Impression Coaching / Resume Crafting for the Real Target / Steps on How to Inspire Referrals / Expanding on Your Awareness of the Hidden Cultures Within Your Career Path / Strategies on How to Fill Your Gaps of Experience

Youth Work Camp Final Session # 3 – Going in for Your Best Opportunity / Who Can Facilitate that Platform / How to Land Information Appointments / Work Mentorship for the Excelling Candidates

Session #2 and #3 require Session #1 Full Participation

Location and Dates to be Announced.