Track Resources Inc.

About Us

Track Resources Inc. is a Canadian company founded in 1993, with the vision to facilitate the re-building of nations recovering from war and to advocate for those caught in the midst of it. This vision was formed by a trip in 1993, a few years after the USSR was dissolved. Linda Maley, the founder, was asked by an NGO group to come into Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan to help faciliate the entry of those wanting to help in health, education and trade. The challenge was the hurdles to reach them and visas that could only be obtained through the Russian consulate. 

The trip was a success in government discussion and agreements put in place for better access. Action was taken to make the entrance friendlier and more accommodating to the  business travelers and tourists not wanting the In-Tourist service.   

Challenges faced to re-build or re-make a healthier nation are documented in many libraries around the world. The solutions? We do not purport to be that library. What we believe is every assignment, no matter how large or small, requires studied insight, past awareness, strategic foresight, potentially a new standard, new structure, new theory, more truth in practice and priority balancing to better sustain the bones of an ultimate purpose and message. 

With the right team, and right direction - we believe we can make a difference - whether by nation, region, city, sector or  business life.  

As Track Resources Inc. we are a small custom-tailored team composed of global professionals that come highly qualified and passionate in their field of work. Together, in combination, we are excited to help facilitate your new growth, presence and structure, locally or globally.

Our mission is to be bold, quick, and agile in forging open doors for programs, product, or services proven to meet a crucial need.

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