Track Resources Inc.

Provincial Organization

Track Resources has worked on projects related to tourism, regional trade development,
wood-waste diversion and by-product development with associations, commissions and the natural resource sector.

We are always pursuing parallels to public and private sector initiatives that make great collaborative platforms, sensitive to economic needs, natural resources, environment, health, culture, social community and safety.

Clean Water Natural Region

Tourism corridor development 

Technology reviews to sustainable practice 

Resource waste for "community" based businesses 

Activate community agreement 

Agreement sourcing for private initiatives   

Communication enhancement      

"Keys" development for sustainable growth 

Knowledge sourcing for community action plans 

Supplying an outside perspective



BC Landscape Association

BC Landscape Association - Plant Material Enhanced Export Strategy - Cited as the fastest growing product club supported by the Canadian Tourism Commission. Project: Garden Inspired Tourism corridor development and driving tour packages funded by BCLNA, the Ministry of Agriculture, Canadian Tourism Commission and matching dollars by local businesses. 

Nitro-Grow Inc.  - BC Forest Industry Recycled Wood Waste – Project: Test plot facilitation of the Nitro-Grow Inc. (AB) soil conditioner in Dubai, (UAE), performing research in material supply, compost development, and market demand in the UAE, BC highways, utilities, mining and forest sector. Tolko Industries forest site and BC Transportation & Highways test plots installed. 

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